Argos process and credit risk management


ARGOS is a collaborative workflow management system, which allows organisations to assure governance, risk, and compliance in their credit assessment processes. Because it is tailor made, the system fits in with the daily practices of organisational procedures seamlessly, enabling an intuitive feel.

From application to disbursement, every colleague in your organisation will be sure to work toward the end-goal in a predefined and structured way. This platform offers all employees and bank officers the possibility to follow the credit underwriting procedures efficiently and easily. ARGOS is a system that is mainly designed for smaller banks, microfinance institutions (MFIs), and savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs). From our experience, we have seen that especially in this sector the assessment of credit risk and loan applications is difficult.

ARGOS is designed to be a web and mobile-based tool that works as a collaborative platform everyone in banking will be familiar with, moreover the ARGOS system is simple, intuitive, and low-cost. Through the flexible, scalable and modular nature of the system (use what you need), it perfectly fits any small and medium sized bank or microfinance institution.

In spite of its simplicity, the system meets the requirements of all banking regulations by being Basel ICAAP compliant, and by being adapted to the banks specific policies and processes. All in all, ARGOS is a workflow management system for credit assessment that focuses on a high-results-to-costs impact, by reducing processing costs, improving risk analytics, and optimising revenues through risk-based pricing. Click here to go to the official ARGOS Web site:

Argos Credit Scoring document

Argos Workflow management document