Stachanov designs, builds, hosts, and maintains databases with compliance-based workflow management systems, using its self-developed Proquestor platform. Proquestor is a business process management suite, designed for optimal administrative compliance with your organisation and internal control.

The Proquestor platform enables you to use a self-regulating file-tracking system in a fast and flexible way. Our Proquestor system is always perfectly aligned with your own organisation’s MO through close cooperation with our experienced consultants in the building phase. Specs are always defined together, and we pay special attention to compliance issues.



Stachanov hosts and supports Proquestor implementations on a technical as well as a functional level, for both the public and private sector. The most important implementations have been realised in the Netherlands; for Achmea (national insurance provider), UWV (Dutch national center for Labour and Income), and the European Committee. Thanks to the number of implementations we have achieved, we have gained extensive knowledge of and experience in professional business analysis, compliance frameworks for the public sector, and accessibility-, authorisation-, and information security policies. Click here to go to the Proquestor website: