Stachanov has created an environment to help provide an answer to the complications of the rapidly changing financial world with applicable know-how, a firm understanding of the latest financial agreements, and firsthand experience in the banking world.



Our product Mercursim is an interactive, web-based simulation, enabling a trainer with credit risk expertise to set up their own fictitious banking environment, with the possibility to mimic specific market conditions, for a number of competing banks. The goal is to create a competitive playing field on which participants directly compete with other banking institutions within the same market. Sustainability is the main objective. Mercursim is provided with course material and pre-established simulation scenarios that illustrate various aspects of performance and risk present in the banking sector.

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One of the sub-products of Mercursim is SIMFI. SIMFI is a highly interactive, web-based simulation application that enables a trainer with microfinance expertise to set up a market environment - whether completely fictitious or mimicking specific market conditions. A number of MFIs will have to try to get an edge over their economic adversaries in a competitive environment. Participants will compete within the same market, in which sustainability is the main objective. SIMFI comes with course material and simulation scenarios that illustrate various aspects of performance and risk inside MFIs.

Besides SIMFI, Mercursim has other spin-offs focused on credit risk management, asset & liability management, and investment strategy.