Some focus areas have always been prevalent in our operations. Thanks to our years of experience, we have developed the following competences to a great degree:

For more than a decade, Stachanov has been involved in the design and implementation of process management systems for public as well as private clients. We offer the entire compliance package: from process design to training the clients' end users. As we are familiar with rules and regulations in the financial and public sectors, and as we are certified to well-known standards, including ISO, we are able to offer solutions at a lower cost of ownership than any of the bigger consultancies are able to offer.

Stachanov traditionally has had a solid network in finance - the result of years of experience with several different financial institutions in the industry.

Stachanov has always had an avid interest in management of different types of risk. We advise organisations on risk management and build applications that support active risk management.

Stachanov has integrated data feeds and built market data applications for over a decade. Currently, we are running the Officiële Prijscourant for Euronext Amsterdam and the Cote Officielle for Euronext Paris.

Stachanov consultants and engineers are keen statisticians who know their way around this most applicable section of mathematics well.

Stachanov has helped analyse very large client data sets many times and for numerous clients. The predictions such a structured exercise allows for add clear value to the benefactors. Over the years, we have successfully created a big data centre that is competitive.

From design to high-end hosting of the functional end product, Stachanov is in control of all steps of the application’s life cycle.


Stachanov offers a full-service solution to its clients; after an application has been released, clients often rely on us to host, support, and maintain their application. We man first-, second-, and third-line help desks to keep the expectations high.

Stachanov has been an official educational institute for years. Our training competence originates from the ambition to offer our clients a total solution, with which we train end users to make the most of our products. This custom has later developed into a competence center in its own right.